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Dear Partners and Friends,

we are glad to draw your attention to our news 
  • New tour. In season of 2021 we offer a new tour what was was developed and tested in 2020 - trekking tour in West-South of Kyrgyzstan. This area is unique by its nature, walnut forests and still unexplored. There are so many interesting things and in coming years mountains of the Southern part will be a new pearl in mountain crown of Kyrgyzstan. Beautiful and wild area out off beaten tracks.
    Use a great possibility to be one of the pioneers! Please see details in Unknown South trekking program
  • Tours with fixed dates departure. In the year of 2021 NoviNomad planning to conduct 5 tours with 14 dates of fixed dates departure - Trekking tours, Cultural tours and Horse Riding. Please see details in our Tours with fixed dates departure

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