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Mountain biking. General information   

Mountain biking. General information
Our guides have been trained to Western standards and have a huge experience in mountain biking. Having all the necessary knowledge, they will readily tell you about the geography, flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan, adding an educational elemeny to an exciting tour. 

Where possible we provide support truck for all you luggage and camping stuff, for your convenience. You just need to decide what you will carry during the day and the rest of your gear will be delivered safely to your camping place on time. 
NoviNomad prides itself on supplying only quality equipment and services and equipment is constantly tried out under the most testing conditions, as we are always looking to expand the range of equipment we can offer. 
We supply light, comfortable double skin tents made by RED FOX (a Russian sports equipment firm), which are ideal for trekking, hiking and biking.
For groups we provide catering tents with tables and chairs. Using a catering tent makes it possible for you to feel as if you are in your favourite dining room whilst being in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
Some tips to make your biking pleasant:
Interested in safe mountain biking? Whether mountain biking alone, with your mates or with a Professional Guide on holiday, it is always important to remember the basics that will keep your cycling both fun and safe. The follow points might come across as really obvious, however, it is normally by ignoring or forgetting one of these simple facts that a great day's cycling turns into a bit of a nightmare. So in no particular order, here are our suggestions for you.
1. Put that helmet on your head
2. Choose appropriate gear according climate and tracks
3. Know your fitness
4. Know where you are and where you're going
5. Think about your riding
6. Learn the basic first aid
7. Make your bike safe
Performing all these checks, either when you get back from a mountain bike ride or before you go out for the next one will help protect you and your bike for when you go out and give it another good beating!
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