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Great Silk Road  
Virgin culture untouched by time   

Virgin culture untouched by time
(Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan)
The Tajik people are of ethnic Persian descent and constitute the largest indigenous group in the country (about 65 percent of the population). The language is nearly identical with Persian, were part of the ancient Persian Empire that was ruled by Darius I and later conquered by Alexander the Great (333 B.C.).
The Pamiris speak a different language and belong to the Ismaili Shiite sect of Islam, while Tajiks are Sunni. Gorno-Badakhshon is surrounded by mountains, and is isolated for most of the year. The isolation of the Pamiri has kept them close to their ancient traditions.
Till the present time in the most of remote places of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan people live in old stile with the old tradition and try to kip their ancient culture which were untouched by the time.


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