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World Nomads Games Tour NEW!!!   

World Nomads Games Tour NEW!!!
The history of nomads originated in ancient times. According to the legend, nomads had secret knowledge that was passed from generation to generation. Their philosophy says: "Life- is movement», that is the main advantage of nomadic people; this is the item of the universe. The life of the nomads was full of trials and discoveries, which allowed them to be enlightened, educated and wise.  The acquired knowledge helped nomad people to adapt quickly to any conditions of life.   The Games were created to improve the skills of nomads which required constant development. Due to them, it was possible to improve the ability to survive. Games helped to hone skills.  Taking part in such event was a great honor to each man who created the history. Games had become a significant part of the culture of nomads. Thanks to tem such cultural trends as music, dance and national painting got rapid development. Gathering together, the nomadic peoples have shared their knowledge, culture, feasting upon new values and possibilities. Culture and Games helped to pass knowledge to the future generation. From those times, we continue to preserve and multiply great traditions. Thanks to the wisdom of our ancestors, we proudly carry in ourselves the strength and spirit of the great nation. World Nomad Games – are united by force, united by spirit!

Dates to start in season 2018:
28.08.2018- 06.09.2018


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