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Nomadic Life Experience   

Nomadic Life Experience
The nomadic way of life imposed its own conditions on a person’s life. And this means that its housing must be adapted and comfortable for life. Yurt is one of the most important part of Kyrgyz and Kazakh culture, and this is more than just a home. They symbolize the family, the earth and the universe and cover all stages of life from birth to death. The majority of Kyrgyz culture is associated with yurts, from important rituals and ceremonies, to artisanship and traditional craftsmanship.
Living in yurt camps is an affordable and interesting way for travelers to get acquainted with the culture of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Learn how to set up a yurt, participate in making felt and attend the work of the wood (structure of the yurt). Memories of the warm hospitality will remain with you for life.

Dates to start in season 2023:
14.06.2023 – 21.06.2023 
19.07.2023 – 26.07.2023 
02.08.2023 – 09.08.2023 


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