NoviNomad - Travel Company
38 Tashkentskaya Str., Bishkek
720033 Kyrgyzstan
Tel.: (++ 996 312) 62 23 81
Fax: (++ 996 312) 62 23 80
About us  

Our Company
NOVINOMAD was set up in 1999 and specialises in eco-tourism, trekking and horse-riding. We are able to offer you the benefits of our Western training. As a result, you get to feel that you are part of the lives of the local people rather then just 'looking in' and you gain a real sense of achievement and a truly unique experience. We have a fully equipped modern office in the centre of the capital Bishkek with links to other parts of the country and can thus react quickly and efficiently to our guests' wishes. Our staff members have all been professionally trained and have a wealth of experience in the field of tourism.
All our tours conform to our 'Golden Rules':
    • Highest quality tours at competitive prices
    • 7 day holiday modules - design your own tours
    • Group tourism where everybody is treated as an individual
    • Direct access to development projects throughout Kyrgyzstan as a window on the social and economical development of the country
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