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Torugart and Irkeshtam Border Crossing   

Overland borders
It is possible to travel from Kyrgyzstan to China overland via 2 passes: Torugart and Irkeshtam.

When planning such trips it is important to note that the overland border with China cannot be crossed on weekends and  official Chinese holidays. On 2020 they are planned on:
January 1
January 24-30
April 4-6
May 1-5
June 25-27
October 1-8 

The best way to travel over the Torugart pass is to combine it with visiting Lake -SonKul and the TashRabat caravansary. 
For the short transfer from Kyrgyzstan to Kashgar it is best to start from Naryn Town. The trip typically starts early in the morning with arrival in Kashgar at about 6 pm. Transfer from Naryn to Torugart pass by Kyrgyz car or jeep. A Chinese driver will meet car you at Torugart Pass and take you on to Kashgar.
The price for Kyrgyz part (Naryn to Torugart Pass) for 1-3 person is 150 USD per car.
Price for the Chinese part upon request depending from number of people.

It is possible to use the public bus that leaves from Osh several times a week. Usually it's operating in summer time. Current information about the schedule can be obtained at Osh bus station by phone +996 3222 39473. 
Another way is to use hired transport.
Day 1: Transfer from Osh to Sary-Tash village (180 km), overnight in Sary-Tash.
Day 2: Transfer from Sary-Tash to Irkeshtam pass (70 km). 4 km of nomans land should be passed by the truck. Meeting with Chinese car, transfer to Kashgar.
The price for Kyrgyz part (transportation from Osh to Irkeshtam Pass) for 1-3 person is 130 USD per car. 
Price for the Chinese part upon request depending from number of people.
Price for accommodation in Sary-Tash village is 12-14 USD per person including breakfast.
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