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Transport services
Given our large pool of professional drivers with a wide range of vehicles we are pleased to offer you whole hosts of transport options.
We choose the most suitable transport for your group and tour and we prefer vehicles made by the leading Japanese and European producers, because our main criterion are safety, reliability and comfort. 
All our drivers have a lot of experience in working with foreign tourists and know the roads and localities of Kyrgyzstan very well. 
Depending on the size of the group and the type of tour you could have:

Off-road SUVs
are used for tours of 1-3 people on main, mountain and country roads.
are used for combined tours of up to 17 people both on main and country roads.
are used for tours of up to 50 people on main roads and are equipped with air conditioning and a microphone
Tracked Bus (Vakhtovka)
Some of our tours, especially treks, go through very beautiful and, at the same time, remote places. In these cases we use special military vehicles to transport passengers to the place where a trek or tour begins. These vehicles can carry from 5 - 20 people, are very safe and reliable and have unlimited cross-country ability. This makes them indispensable in out-of-the-way places.

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