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Dear Partners and Friends,

we are glad to draw your attention to our news 
  • In season of 2021 we offer a new tour what was was developed and tested in 2019 - trekking tour in South of Kyrgyzstan - Pamir-Alai mountains. The Alai area is unique and still unexplored. There are so many interesting things and in coming years Alai region of Pamir mountains will be a new pearl in mountain crown of Kyrgyzstan. Beautiful and wild area out off beaten tracks.
    Use a great possibility to be one of the pioneers! Please see details in Trekking in Alai Region
  • Tours with fixed dates departure. In the year of 2021 NoviNomad planning to conduct 4 tours with 16 dates of fixed dates departure - Silk Road Tours, Cultural tours and Horse Riding. Please see details in our Tours with fixed dates departure

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