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Horse riding  
Horse riding. General information   

Horse riding. General information
The Kyrgyz are one of the last truly nomadic peoples and 130 years of Communist and Tsarist rule have not quenched their spirit. Horses and horsemanship run in the blood and Kyrgyz children learn to ride horses before they can walk. Their horses are specially bred for riding and load carrying on mountain paths and are extremely sure-footed. They are famous for their quiet disposition and endurance, and will carry you easily across the mountains, valleys and glaciers of Kyrgyzstan. On horseback you will experience the wilderness and beauty of Kyrgyzstan first hand, and feel the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Kyrgyz people in their natural environment. Additionally, your experienced guides will be on hand at all times to help you understand your hosts and guarantee your safety. The tours skirt along the shores of Lakes Issyk-Kul and Son-Kul, as well as others in the Suusamyr area.  
The guides and grooms accompanying you on horseback treks have a wealth of knowledge and have been riding horses since before they could walk!  
For our tours we can provide either a 'nomad saddle', which is wider than European saddles, or a 'cavalry saddle' - a Russian saddle. For carrying your equipment and luggage we use special bags, which are easily attached to a saddle.
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